woensdag 25 januari 2012

V for Vendetta Mask

File can be downloaded here.

Since I've been into the masks lately, I just couldn't leave this one behind! I haven't had time to build it yet, but I wanted to be uploaded now with all the ACTA and SOPA stuff going on.
And since I've seen too many people wearing those Anonymous masks during demonstrations against these two things...A papercraft version just couldn't be left behind. No better time to make it then now I guess ;)

Good luck building it and as always, photos of it having been created by you are more than welcome!

donderdag 19 januari 2012

Hellequin Mask

The model can be downloaded here.

This papercraft is the Hellequin Mask, more precisely, the Elite version of the Hellequin Mask. While I love the Hellequin as character, I love the elite mask of her more than the normal version...and that is all because of the feather... that damn feather that took more hours in having to cut out all the pieces than the rest of the mask together!
(And yes, I know that there are 2 more version containing the feather and not just the Elite version, but the model I got it from was completely Elite, with the hood and everything, so this is from the Elite so there :P)

I also like the background from the Hellequin (aka Caha) as well as from her brother Cahin...so expect his mask (and hood) soon as well! (soon is relative...can be next month, can be in another 5 months, but it WILL get here!)

The model is 'life-sized' or at least, it is scaled to fit my head. That means it is 17 cm wide. It fits perfectly, but thanks to the narrow eye-holes (and the fact I put fabric behind it) it might irritate on the eye unless you put something on the bride of the nose on the back of the mask to keep the mask slightly lifted from your face if you are indeed planning on wearing it.

And I can't stress this enough: Send me photos of finished models XD I would love to see these models build by others!