maandag 29 augustus 2011

The head of Deathwing

The file can be downloaded here!
(EDIT: for a PDF version, go here!)

Achievement unlocked! STOOD IN THE FIRE!

Yeah or not ^^; It wouldn't be all that easy to do to make this dragon breath out any fire. And it is not something I am planning on doing either. Nor would I like frying people with this lovely baby~!

The model is 46 cm wide (from horn to horn) and 57 cm long (from the jaw till the neck). I was planning on making it wearable but since I made a small miscalculation (I didn't think the mouth would run into the back that far) I decided to build LED's into it and also make the jaw movable. Check the short movie below to see it working~! (do not worry about voice is completely gone so I wasn't able to talk about the model in this movie anyway XD)

I gave myself a deadline for Abunai! 2011 to finish this one. (this is an anime/game convention in the Netherlands) and people were so damn amazingly enthusiastic about this papercraft. I honestly NEVER in my WILDEST DREAMS imagined having such an awesome response to this.

The reason I gave myself that deadline, was because I am holding papercraft workshops in that convention. Now mostly it is cubee crafting, but since we have only 2 hours during the workshops there isn't that much time to make a bigger papercraft. Nonetheless...the workshops went great, it was really a full house and it was awesome to see people responding to it that way.

Below are some photos that people took of me with the Deathwing papercraft as well as a few impression photos about the workshops that I found. All these photos are made by others, so the credit goes out to the respectful owners of the photo! (also a small warning...I am not good at being photographed XD So sorry if I look funny at times)

As always: Enjoy the build and if there are questions or photos about finished models, let me know!

maandag 1 augustus 2011

Teh Dragonslayah!

Mmm, a little less than a month until Abunai! starts... I think that I timed my progression with Deathwing kinda neatly with it. I want it done before then and I just finished the unfolding. (46 pages!)
The only part I am still iffy about...I do not know where to put holes for me to look through XD So maybe I'll just...not look through it and only wear it for photos and fun. Carrying a death dragon head around has it's advantages too I guess!

The jaw is moved away from the actual model so that I can make it move. But...I am not sure yet on how to make it move when I talk :P I have a small clue, but if it works...not sure.

Also not sure on if I will actually upload this model for others to see once I am done with it. It all depends on how many people actually want to build it I guess (and if it is a good build)
Lemme know how you feel on that please! can follow me on deviantart as well for my progression pics! (you can find me here: link )