donderdag 20 mei 2010

WoW Bear

Another update, another model ;)

You can download the model here.

As my second model I did have something else in mind then this bear, but with some computer problems and me being sick for over a week I didn't have the puff to do it. is a bear! I haven't seen it online anywhere yet so I thought I would make it. I do like the bears from World of Warcraft and I am aiming to get the spirit one for my hunter character. (Along with the spirit wolf, the Kurken and some others...) Hence why I build this one and not another color!

There are 10 textures included in the rar, including the spirit bear one. This one ISN'T originally going on this bear model though, so there are a few minor things that won't work out quite nicely (like the bottom of the paws and the bear butt not being see-through) but I edited the texture a bit to make it look sorta like the ingame version. No manes though, I think that is the only part about the model I do not I made it without the mane XD

Have fun building this one and comments are always welcome ;)