maandag 27 december 2010

Uldum Urn

The file can be downloaded here.

So, it has been quite a while since my last update, but well... I am pretty sure you all know how you got real life, work, a carcrash which causes more work to pay for a new car and WoW Cataclysm coming out that messes up with all your papercraft time...Just regular daily stuff XD

But about the model itself...well lets say you can expect some more Uldum stuff to come online here. I am absolutely in love with Uldum. The Egyptian style and all that makes me want to spend as much time there as possible and that naturally reflects into my papercraft.
I saw this urn on the modelviewer and I just had to make it. The model itself is quite easy to build, I made it so that it goes around in horizontal bands. The only tricky part are the snakeheads, which are the reason why this model comes out to 20 cm once build. This way you can work on the heads without too much of a problem

The model has an hollow point worked into it. This makes it quite suitable as a container for something. I used mine as a make-shift vase, but with fake flowers into it...paper doesn't hold water all that well XD Of course you could put some kind of plastic bag into it for the water, but meh this does the trick just as well!

Enjoy the build!

vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Rapid Dog Heartless

Download the files here.

Next model up is the Rapid Dog Heartless from Kingdom Hearts 2. This one wasn't actually in the plans, but I got an email from a friend of mine that works with the Dutch doujinshi circle OpenMinded. She asked if I could make a simple papercraft for their summer special. It had to be something weird and fun to make...and that resulted into this rapid dog! I had lots of fun making this, even though making a papercraft in 5 days is...not recommended. (Any weird tabs result to the 5 days thing).

I love this lil creature as it is in the game and I even love it as paper. It is now guarding my printer! You can make this thing either with an open mouth (like on the picture sorta) where you can see the tongue, or you can close the mouth completely...either with or without tongue, your choice!

If you come upon this site from the summer special of OpenMinded, please mail me (email can be found on the right) for the numbered version like in the special itself if needed. Otherwise, have fun building it the way you can find it here ;)

Everyone else wanting to build this thing, have fun as well! And as always, feel free to post comments or mail me the photo's of the finished thing!

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

Update on my big-ass project

As I was saying in my previous post, I was actually working on something non-WoW and it was gonna be big-ass...and it would have been if not for too many problems I came upon --;

The project I was working on, was to make a Shiva from FF-X and I was gonna make her around 1 meter high. Not cause of the small details or so, but cause I love Shiva to pieces and just wanted a big one in my room ;)
But...unfortunately I will have to postphone it until WAAAAAAAY later. I am not gonna say I won't do it at all, since I DO want to make it, but until I know how to fix all the problems...It will be something that will be put off for quite some time ^^;

So, why postphoning it? Well quite simple...Her ice boob!
Hair and armlets that go into skin I can deal with, I have enough 3D experience to manage that...but then came the fact that quite a lot of the materials had to be see-through...Including the above mentioned ice boob... At the moment I just cannot think of any way to make this work without either deleting the thing (which would look weird since she would only have one breast then or a one and a half) or making the material NOT transparent...which would result in one breast being bigger than the other, which is ugly in my opinion. And then there is also the fact that I do not know HOW to fix a material in such a way.

If anyone can help me on this, thanks so much ^^ That would speed things up more than figuring things out all on my own.

Mmm, gotta see if I can find the FF8 version of her just so I can make a Shiva anyways XD

donderdag 3 juni 2010

Paper Zeppelin Toy

The file can be downloaded here.

This is the Paper Zeppelin Toy from World of Warcraft. Not the actual zeppelin or those spaceboats in Icecrown (Duh, those look differently) but just another toy you can buy in the game itself. I just love how it looks and I wanted to have a small project in between while I work on my ACTUAL next project...just see this as project 2.2 or so XD

Now for the model itself. While it is a quite simple model, you will have to figure out how to glue stuff together yourself because the .pdo file is NOT displaying the right glue-connections. I have no idea how to fix it, but I do know what causes it...namely the double sided stuff like the ropes and the basket. I put some tips on how certain stuff should be done in the .pdo itself so it should be self-explanatory. On how to glue everything together check out the preview .pdo file. If there are still any questions left, just lemme know ;)
Also, there are some OPTIONAL parts included. Namely the stuff on how I glued the propellors onto the zeppelin. I created these parts in Lightwave because I wanted the propellors to actually be able to move about when the wind blows (or when you blow at it). The parts MAY not fit precisely since they are custom made, but I put in a photo on how the end-result looks with the propellors as an example.

All this aside...I wish you all a fun building time ^^

donderdag 20 mei 2010

WoW Bear

Another update, another model ;)

You can download the model here.

As my second model I did have something else in mind then this bear, but with some computer problems and me being sick for over a week I didn't have the puff to do it. is a bear! I haven't seen it online anywhere yet so I thought I would make it. I do like the bears from World of Warcraft and I am aiming to get the spirit one for my hunter character. (Along with the spirit wolf, the Kurken and some others...) Hence why I build this one and not another color!

There are 10 textures included in the rar, including the spirit bear one. This one ISN'T originally going on this bear model though, so there are a few minor things that won't work out quite nicely (like the bottom of the paws and the bear butt not being see-through) but I edited the texture a bit to make it look sorta like the ingame version. No manes though, I think that is the only part about the model I do not I made it without the mane XD

Have fun building this one and comments are always welcome ;)

dinsdag 20 april 2010

Dragonstalker Helmet

And here it is ^^ My very first papercraft model up for displays for others to see, download and make! The first model I decided to 'craft' for starters is the Dragonstalker Helmet from World of Warcraft. LIFESIZED! Oh how I love lifesized helmet and weapons, expect to see those more here ;)

(and yeah, the one wearing the helmet is me XD)

You can find the files here

The model itself is a pretty easy and straight forward build and you can easily see how it is done on the .pdo. Aside from that...there is another .pdo that has extra 'mohawk' parts. You can also print it all from the .pdf so that it has all the parts already in there.
Included in the file are also 3 texture models. So you can 'pimp' your helmet up if you want ;)

The right eye looks weird compaired to the left one, but somehow I couldn't change this the way I wanted to change it. There are also weird triangle shapes still left in the .pdo that used to be for the glow in the eyes. I know I could have removed these with some 3d program, but at the time I started building this...I had no clue XD (Only learned that just before actually posting this).

There are most likely a lot of stuff  I could have done differently, better or shouldn't have done at all. If you come across any of such things, be sure to let me know so I know how to change them for the next one!

Enjoy the build!

donderdag 15 april 2010

Starting it all up

So, to start it off...First post for me, yay XD

Welcome to Winged Crafts. I decided to make this blog to post the papercraft models I am gonna be making from now on. While I haven't finished one yet, I am in the progress of making one and I am testbuilding it now to check out if everything is posed just right. Good thing I did too, found out a few flaps were missing in the first few pages XD Yay for testbuilding!

I'm still new to the whole making my own models though and while I had help on understanding things from the awesome ninjatoes, I would love to get all the other help I can get as well as tips on how to improve the models I post. Don't be shy to point out the problems ;)

Also, if anyone wants some model made, shout it out and I might think about it ;)

While this may be the first post on this blog, I have my fair share of building other people's models and I will post the finished results of the ones I make from now on alongside the models I make of my own. Might make another blog or so for that though, not quite sure on it yet.

Keep your eyes op on this and we'll see when the first model will pop up ^^

It will most likely be another week and a half, maybe 2 before my first model will be viewed online. I made a mistake in the texture I put on it and now I have to restart the whole testbuilding which is a setback of a few days. Now that wouldn't be that bad, but I won't be around to test build it at all upcoming week --;