donderdag 15 april 2010

Starting it all up

So, to start it off...First post for me, yay XD

Welcome to Winged Crafts. I decided to make this blog to post the papercraft models I am gonna be making from now on. While I haven't finished one yet, I am in the progress of making one and I am testbuilding it now to check out if everything is posed just right. Good thing I did too, found out a few flaps were missing in the first few pages XD Yay for testbuilding!

I'm still new to the whole making my own models though and while I had help on understanding things from the awesome ninjatoes, I would love to get all the other help I can get as well as tips on how to improve the models I post. Don't be shy to point out the problems ;)

Also, if anyone wants some model made, shout it out and I might think about it ;)

While this may be the first post on this blog, I have my fair share of building other people's models and I will post the finished results of the ones I make from now on alongside the models I make of my own. Might make another blog or so for that though, not quite sure on it yet.

Keep your eyes op on this and we'll see when the first model will pop up ^^

It will most likely be another week and a half, maybe 2 before my first model will be viewed online. I made a mistake in the texture I put on it and now I have to restart the whole testbuilding which is a setback of a few days. Now that wouldn't be that bad, but I won't be around to test build it at all upcoming week --;

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