dinsdag 20 april 2010

Dragonstalker Helmet

And here it is ^^ My very first papercraft model up for displays for others to see, download and make! The first model I decided to 'craft' for starters is the Dragonstalker Helmet from World of Warcraft. LIFESIZED! Oh how I love lifesized helmet and weapons, expect to see those more here ;)

(and yeah, the one wearing the helmet is me XD)

You can find the files here

The model itself is a pretty easy and straight forward build and you can easily see how it is done on the .pdo. Aside from that...there is another .pdo that has extra 'mohawk' parts. You can also print it all from the .pdf so that it has all the parts already in there.
Included in the file are also 3 texture models. So you can 'pimp' your helmet up if you want ;)

The right eye looks weird compaired to the left one, but somehow I couldn't change this the way I wanted to change it. There are also weird triangle shapes still left in the .pdo that used to be for the glow in the eyes. I know I could have removed these with some 3d program, but at the time I started building this...I had no clue XD (Only learned that just before actually posting this).

There are most likely a lot of stuff  I could have done differently, better or shouldn't have done at all. If you come across any of such things, be sure to let me know so I know how to change them for the next one!

Enjoy the build!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations on finishing your first model! Already seems like Paperkraft.Net and WoW Papercrafts already found out about your site. Good luck to you and your future projects Lizz!

  2. Thanks Fezco ^^ I didn't even know about WoW papercraft having found this one until you said so XD I am happy people seem to like this model!

  3. And I found it because of Ron (Paperkraft.net), we're running in circle now :D

  4. found you from wow papercraft site. Love the model. It looks totally kickass!

  5. Thanks everyone ^^ I am glad this model is liked that well ;)

  6. my current toon has this helm so it would be sick to actually build it!!

  7. I haven't played WoW in some time, but I have to say - you are awesome for making this! :D Half the reason I played was because the armor was so cool and original.

  8. Hello!

    It's amazing what you have made! I wan't to use it in my Photography is that alright? Because I am gonna make one too;-)

    Boy van Elten (Netherlands)

    1. Hey Boy,

      Natuurlijk mag het in je fotografie gebruikt worden. Zolang je op zijn minst credits naar het model naar mij doet (aka de blauwdrukken, niet het gemaakte model aangezien je hem zelf wilt maken) is dat voor mij geen enkel probleem. Stuur me een mailtje of iets dergelijks met een link naar de foto's zodra ze klaar zijn. Lijkt me leuk om te zien!

      Melissa (ook uit nederland :P)

  9. Ik heb alvast een klein voorbeeldje nagemaakt. Hiervan zal ik een keer een voorbeeldje van laten zien. Dit is goed gelukt. Ik ga binnenkort beginnen aan het masker als ik het wat rustiger heb;-) OOK uit Nederland? Hartstikke leuk! Waar ergens kom je vandaan als ik vragen mag? (Je mag me ook mailen op: boyvanelten@hotmail.com als je dat makkelijker vind) Ik ben enorme fan van je werk!

    Graag hoor ik nog van je;-)

    Boy van Elten