donderdag 3 juni 2010

Paper Zeppelin Toy

The file can be downloaded here.

This is the Paper Zeppelin Toy from World of Warcraft. Not the actual zeppelin or those spaceboats in Icecrown (Duh, those look differently) but just another toy you can buy in the game itself. I just love how it looks and I wanted to have a small project in between while I work on my ACTUAL next project...just see this as project 2.2 or so XD

Now for the model itself. While it is a quite simple model, you will have to figure out how to glue stuff together yourself because the .pdo file is NOT displaying the right glue-connections. I have no idea how to fix it, but I do know what causes it...namely the double sided stuff like the ropes and the basket. I put some tips on how certain stuff should be done in the .pdo itself so it should be self-explanatory. On how to glue everything together check out the preview .pdo file. If there are still any questions left, just lemme know ;)
Also, there are some OPTIONAL parts included. Namely the stuff on how I glued the propellors onto the zeppelin. I created these parts in Lightwave because I wanted the propellors to actually be able to move about when the wind blows (or when you blow at it). The parts MAY not fit precisely since they are custom made, but I put in a photo on how the end-result looks with the propellors as an example.

All this aside...I wish you all a fun building time ^^

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