woensdag 17 april 2013

Hellequin Knife

The model can be downloaded here.

I have been finding some time in between my work to work on digital version of papercrafts. I do not have as much time as I want to also build them all though, but the blog will be more lively again!

This model is the Hellequin knife. It was on my to-do-list for a while now and then an Anonymous reviewer asked for it as well, so I moved it up slightly due to it being a relative simple model.

The model is 'livesized' which means it should fit the hand properly. It is 28cm long.

As always: Enjoy the build and if there are questions or photos about finished models, let me know!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thanks a lot :)))

    i'm waiting for the harlequin mask too XD

    1. That mask will most likely take a while longer since I do want to test build that one...

      But if you want to speed it up...there is a nifty donation button on the right ;)