maandag 25 november 2013

Help Me Win Please!

Alright, I do not do this often...and I hate to beg for likes and shares...
But please, everyone reading this with a facebook account... HELP ME!

Please click on the link below and share (publically) AND like it to help me win a 50" Sony tv

For those of you that share and/or like this (please do both XD) please send me a note with your name on FB on it...
_IF_I win this tv, I will randomly select a name from everyone who helped me win it and send you a set of 2 glasses (or 2 keychains, since both have the same value on product wise...combi is also possible) for FREE! No matter where you live, I will send it!
If you want a different design than already in my shop:, note me if I let you know that you won and I will let you know if the design of your choice is possible.

The likes and shares will be counted on Friday 12.00 CMT +1 and soon after that (if I win) I will announce the one who got the free glasses/keychains!


(also, yes I am still working on papercrafts, but slower...waaaay slower, than before ;) )

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